Shallow fry in frying pan. Use cooking or butter oil Cooking/frying time depends on frost state. Keep frozen, do not frost once defrost, it may affect the quality & taste of product. Serve hot with ketchup, chutney, raita or salad

PRICE: Half Dozen Pack PKR 175/-
One Dozen Pack PKR 350/-
Taste of Tradition Packed in Convenience

Beef shami kabab

Rs. 350

Short Description:

-Single pack of 12 kababs
-Net Weight ~340 gm (when packed)
-Lean Veal
-Gram Lentil
-Green Chili
Nutritional Facts
-Calorie (332 K-Cal/100gm)
-Fat (4080 mg/100gm)
-Cholesterol (16 mg/100gm)
-Protein (13546 mg/100gm)